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Knitting for Olive Knitted Streets of Copenhagen -neuleohje

Knitting for Olive Knitted Streets of Copenhagen -neuleohje

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Knitting for Olive Knitted Streets of Copenhagen -neuleen ohje on englanninkielinen A4-kokoinen laadukas printtilehti.

A4-kokoiset printtiohjeet ovat myynnissä vain myymälässämme Herttoniemenrannassa.

Ohjeessa käytetään Knitting for Oliven Soft Silk Mohair ja Heavy Merino -lankoja.

Knitted Streets of Copenhagen is an oversized sweater inspired by old Copenhagen’s narrow and winding streets. This big and chunky sweater showcases both curves and straight lines, and it is both casual and sophisticated at the same time – just like Copenhagen is to us. The sweater is very oversized with extralong sleeves but the sleeves can easily be made shorter if that is your preference. 
It is worked from the top down following charts and using 2 strands of Heavy Merino + 2 strands of Soft Silk Mohair held together throughout. You start working the front and back, back and forth, before work is joined and continued in the round for the body and sleeves.

Knitted Streets of Copenhagen is designed with positive ease. To choose the correct size, look at the ‘to fit chest circumference’ measurements on the previous page. If your actual chest circumference is, say, 98 cm [38½”], you should choose to knit a size 2 in order to achieve the intended fit.

Sizes: 1 (2, 3)
Finished measurements: Chest circumference: approx. 112 (128, 144) cm [44 (50½, 56¾)]” to fit chest circumference: 76-91 (92-116, 117-145) cm [30-35¾ (36¼-45¾, 46-57)]”; Length from shoulder to edge: approx. 64 (72, 80) cm [25¼ (28¼, 31½)]”; Sleeve length from underarm to edge: approx. 38 (46, 46) cm [15 (18, 18)]”

Yarn: 2 strands of Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino (125 m [137 yd] / 50 g [1.8 oz]), worsted-weight yarn, 16 (18, 20) balls + 2 strands of Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair (225 m [246 yd] / 25 g [0.9 oz]), lace-weight yarn, 9 (11, 12) balls.
Sample is in Heavy Merino + Soft Silk Mohair in Brown Nougat colorway

Needles: 7 mm / US 10.75 and 10 mm / US15 circular and double-pointed needles, or in size to obtain gauge

Gauge (after blocking): 10 sts and 14 rows = 10 cm [4”] in ridge pattern (k 2 rows, p 2 rows) with 10 mm / US15 needles

Notions: Stitch markers, waste yarn or stitch holders, tapestry needle, cable needle or double-pointed needle

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